2012. december 22., szombat

Black Widow vs. Deadpool- Copic markers

Black Widow vs. Deadpool Copic markers commission, Style A (SOLD!)
11x17 inches on Bristol board
(Black Widow and Deadpool are original Marvel Comics © characters. All rights reserved.)

Hi-res version: http://judittondora.deviantart.com/art/Black-Widow-vs-Deadpool-Copic-markers-343942778

2012. december 8., szombat

Neelakshi: The Quest for Amrit - Available now!

Neelakshi: The Quest for Amrit - Available now!  http://www.comixology.com/Neelakshi-The-Quest-for-Amrit/digital-comic/DIG002537

Free preview is here: http://yalidreamcreations.com/images/portfolio/neelakshi/neelakshi_preview.pdf

Written by
Ryan Foley
Ashok Rajagopalan
Asvin Srivatsangam
Judit Tondora
Roland Pilcz

Many thanks to: Erik Hendrix, Amanda Ryan Foley, Sean O'Reilly,  Sumit Roy and Tazeen Shaikh.

2012. november 16., péntek

The Station: covers

These covers are the first illustrations from my very old but absolutely unusual story, called: The Station.

I've been writing this novel for a long while.
I was a student when I came up with the idea because I was pretty impressed by my film studies and I thought this story would be a great film script. But I had to realize that the story has a lot of potential as a graphic novel. This is the plain reason why I changed my mind and started to work on the graphic novel script and the additional artworks.
Here you can see the front and the back covers' sketches. The book will be painted and I plan to create the whole stuff manually, without PS (except the talking bubbles of course :DD).

Front cover (day):

Back cover (night):

2012. szeptember 16., vas√°rnap

Volition (old title was Man Of God)

Soooo. Here are the newest pages of the Volition graphic novel's submission stuff. Yes, yes. You may ask 'WTF is the Volition'?
Well dudez, it was the Man Of God actually (but there is an other Man Of God comic... funny... :DD) so  George (Terran the writer of the book) decided to use the 'Voliton' title because this word is much more expressive and describes the book perfectly. I must agree :) It's far better.

Hope you'll like the stuff. I guess you'll wonder that this style is not what I usually use. Well... yep. This is something new (okay, this is not true because I learned this realistic style in the art school so actually this is my basic style). But I like it :) Hope you feel the same :D


Pages 01-02.

Pages 03-04.

Page 05.

Page 13.

Hi-res pages are here: http://judittondora.deviantart.com/gallery/31598840

Scarlet Witch

Okay Ppl! Here is a new stuff. If she gets 100 favs (or likes on one of my FB pages), she'll be available on the ebay soon.
Scarlet Witch, 11x17inch, Copic Marker pin- up on Bristol board. (Scarlet Witch is an original Marvel Comics © character. All rights reserved.)

2012. m√°jus 6., vas√°rnap

Bettie Page Trading Card Set 2

I joined the Versicolor Productions to create the second series of the Bettie Page Trading Cards Set. The card set will be releasing at the end of this year.

I'm doing 100 cards + the artist proof artworks (11x17 inches). There will be a great chance to get a hand drawn sketchcard from me cuz I'm doing a lot of these :D

You can find more infos about the cards and the set here: https://www.versicolorproductions.com/bettie-page/
Each set contains an original hand-drawn sketch card, puzzle sketch card set, or double-sided sketch card.  Also randomly inserted will be special chase cards, artist autograph cards and redemption cards for memorabilia like Bettie Page portfolios signed by artist Jim Silke, T-shirts, statues and an item signed by Bettie Page herself!

The Box 2 base cards will contain All-New artists not found in the first base set.  The sketch cards will be by returning greats from the original set and new fantastic artists never seen in card sets before.
For every set of Bettie Page box 2 that is sold, Versicolor Productions will donate a percentage of its sales toward the planting of 1,000 trees. All cards are printed in the USA. Price 35 USD/box.


2012. m√°jus 5., szombat

Behance updated

Hey Folks,

I've just updated my Behance gallery. You can find newest artworks here: http://www.behance.net/judittondora
Have a great weekend!
Bye! ;*


2012. március 23., péntek

ByeAlex logo diz√°jn

Hallga ide, ByeAlex muzsikájára, látványforrásként élvezheted az általam farigcsált logodizájnt.

ByeAlex | L√°ttamoztam
Zene, ének, szöveg:
M√°rta Alex

K√°roly Tam√°s, M√°rta Alex

Keverés és Maszter:
K√°roly Tam√°s (HangArt St√ļdi√≥, Miskolc)

Tondora Judit

Grafikai megold√°s:
Nagy Attila

2012. m√°rcius 20., kedd

New pin- ups

Hey Everybody,

here are my newest pin- ups. This is gonna be a new 'line' because these characters will get ink- wash :)

2012. m√°rcius 3., szombat

Comic Art Commissions page

This is my new Comic Art Commissions page if you are interested in commissioning a piece and you can find here 'art for sale' pieces too: http://comicartcommissions.com/Tondora.html

The newest art for sale piece is this:


2012. janu√°r 19., cs√ľt√∂rt√∂k

2012. janu√°r 14., szombat

First Copic Marker sketch

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen. This is my first Copic marker drawing. If it gets 50 or more likes, I'll make an auction and sell this piece. (If it won't get that 50 likes well... I won't do Copic sketches :)))

'Vote' here:  DA

or here: FB