2011. √°prilis 6., szerda

Tales from Neverland: the Zenescope's new series

I've just finished the first issue of a brand new comic book series Tales from Neverland for the Zenescope Entertainment. I've done 14 pages of the 28 because it was a collaboration with an artist, Antonio from Italy. The colors are from my favourite colorist buddy Roli Pilcz.

The whole story is based on J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan (my childhood favourite :D) but this is a special remake of the story and the characters. You can see them in the mini-series of Grimm Fairy Tales: Neverland. Written by: Joe Brusha.

The first issue of the Tales from Neverland is connected with the Neverland's story but it's about Tinkerbelle's bad luck and a terrible betrayal, which was just the beginning of the magical adventure.

More info is about the Zenescope and their series is here:

I'll show you my character designs from the Tales from Neverland as soon as the book will be published.

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