2011. június 7., kedd

Preview and review of the Tales from Neverland

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

here is a preview of the Tales from Neverland #1 and a not really nice review of this issue.

The book got a 3 out of 10 but Roli and I got this: '...A perfect complement to the insipid scripting is the artwork, provided by two artists so wildly different in style that their partnership on this book is somewhat senseless. Judit Tondora’s painted artwork is passable if a bit immature, reminiscent of early ‘90’s Magic: The Gathering artwork.' And... I think as an artist I'm pretty pleased. :) Full article is here: Review

6 megjegyzés:

  1. Beautiful page and very good color techniques. Good job

  2. <:D I can't. But we both can draw. :D

    Anyway. I loved your pages and that review pissed me off. You have European style but I guess that journalist kid has never seen European comic :DDD

  3. Nagyon jók a rajzaid.Remélem egyszer magyarul is olvashatom.

  4. köszi szépen. háth, reméljük, de ez már nem rajtam, ill. a csapaton múlik :)