2011. február 18., péntek

Hello 2011

So here are the news of 2011 because I don't want that you think I'm lazy. :D

I'm drawing two projects and I'd like to show some preview of these.

The first is the Bluewater's Legend Of Isis #16th issue.
You can read more about this comic here:

In my private opinion this comic is great. The basic idea of the Egyptian goddess who has normal life issues mixed the problems of the immortal goddess in this era is very interesting. I can tell you that you'll find everything in this book: attractive characters, interesting storyline and great battles of evil and good.

And here are my character designs:

My second project will be one of the most interesting comics what I've ever read.
The creators of this book use the elements of Indian mythology and create a new and original storyline and a fresh atmosphere in the comic world.

The Neelakshi will be an unique graphic novel and I'm sure the public will love it.

You can find the book's Facebook page here:
Join us!

Here is cover of the book, colored by Roland Pilcz.

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