2016. április 14., csütörtök

200th post

I'd like to announce a new giveaway game! And both of the Instagram and Facebook giveaway game flower fairies are done! Can't wait to ink and colorize these two. 💖😁🌹🌸

2016. február 25., csütörtök

I'm talking about business...

A short report about Marvel, Deadpool and superheroes. I had fun at TV2 studio yesterday

Aktív TV2 2016/02/24

Hungarian content!

Winners of the 3rd Facebook game!

You can read the name of the winners of my 3rd Facebook game here:

They won a Psylocke and an Emma Frost signed pin- up print.

If you're interested in these pieces, you can find a few of them on EBAY

2016. február 13., szombat

Catwoman prints on ebay!

My signed Catwoman art prints are for sale on ebay. You can bid from $20/piece. Combined shipping is available!


2016. február 11., csütörtök

Win a pin- up print on my facebook giveaway game!

You can win one of these signed A4 size, on 180 g art board, Copic marker pin- up prints!
Details on: www.facebook.com/judittondoraart
Good luck!

2016. január 27., szerda

Ghost sample pages

Ghost sample pages 2016.
11x17 inches on Strathmore Bristol board. Pencils.
For Dark Horse.

2016. január 6., szerda

2015. december 26., szombat

And the winners are...

Tadam!!!! Drum roll and trumpets! THE WINNERS ARE 
Nevin Arnold -who won the Wonder Woman 
Jenna Esposito- who won the Wolverine pin- up. 

2015. december 23., szerda

Follow me...

Follow me on Instagram for more and frequent updates

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Hurry up!

If you wanna win this Wonder Woman pin- up, hurry up! You have only one day left! Read the details here (the post on the top): www.facebook.com/judittondoraart

2015. december 19., szombat

Comic Jam @Miskolc- Mikulásgyár

Comic Jam was a great success in Miskolc. More info and pictures on www.facebook.com/ComicJam

Started to work on something...

And this is the first character sheet from it.

Win this pin- up!

I can't wait to see who will win this Wonder Woman ☆☆☆ pin-up! Details on my artist page: Judit Tondora-artist page www.facebook.com/judittondoraart Read the post on the top! Good luck to all of you! 
/ Alig várom, hogy lássam ki fogja megnyerni ezt a Wonder Woman ☆☆☆ pin-up-ot! Részletek az oldalamon: www.facebook.com/judittondoraart Olvasd el az oldal tetején látható posztot! Sok sikert 


2015. december 12., szombat

You have 12 days to win a marker pin- up on my Facebook artist page

We're at 446 likes on my artist page: www.facebook.com/judittondoraart. Don't forget, if we reach the 500 page likes, I'll give away a pencil pin- up too! (To the second winner. The first winner will get the Wonder Woman marker pin- up)/ 

446 like-nál tartunk. Ne feledjétek, ha elérjük az 500 ldal like-ot, akkor elajándékozok egy ceruzával készült pin- upot is! (A markerrel készült Wonder Woman mellé a második nyertesnek).