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New package design for LUCE Energy Drink

And our latest board game design HUNCUT RANDI for love- birds ;)

And we have new team members on board!
Welcome Franci and Zsolt!

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PROTECTORS is available on Comixology!


PROTECTORS; The world so far; it's a resume of what has happened in the last 50 years, from the end of the Afghanistan war, the fall of the European Union to the discovery of a formula by a Russian scientist to enhance people's brain power, what started as vision to give people super powers, end it up becoming the first step to create Super Soldiers or Protectors by The Alliance, the last stand of the remaining European Countries in order to fight the ever growing power of China, now..... The most powerful country in the world.


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Bits from Insta...

More is here: Instagram-judittondora

New interview with me

Interview with Judit Tondora

'How are you enjoying drawing such iconic characters like Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman?

Honestly, this is one of the toughest challenges that I’ve ever faced but I really enjoy drawing these characters and this series. This is really fun work. The TV shows have their characteristic features and I must carefully stick to the given material by any means. However, I use a more cartoony style to help the flow, but I had to find the key features of all of the characters to make them recognizable without dealing too much with the artwork. Andy Mangels, the writer of the book, helps me a lot, actually, to create better and better looking pages. He has great ideas and gives me fantastic suggestions about the actions and the overall look of the comic...'

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Interview with me

Interview with me on: CLICK HERE

Thank you leemajors.co.uk!

'In late 2016 Dynamite Comics and DC Comics published the first ever Bionic Woman /Wonder Woman cross-over comic. Set in the TV series universe of the late 70's the title teams Jaime Sommers with Diana Prince. The title has been incredibly well received by both fans and critics and we are homorued that series artist, Judit Tondora, has been gracious enough to allow us to interview her...'

'Language is the palette from which we draw all the colours of our life.' 
Anthony Jackson