2016. december 25., vas√°rnap

2016 Christmas Giveaway Game winners

ūüéĄūüéČūüéĀ TADAMM! ūüéĄūüéČūüéĀ And here's the list of the 3 winners and the most liked and commented photo. The winners are ūüéĀ David Doub ūüéĀ Eric Smith ūüéĀ Stacey Murphy Watson. The most liked and commented photo is ūüéĀ Brian John's who won an original Bettie Page Box II AP sketchcard. You can see your name over the picture of the artwork what you won. The winners were selected by random.org. I'll contact the winners via Facebook message soon!
Merry Christmas!

2016. december 24., szombat

Giveaway news!

Dear All! These are the Flower Fairy pinups what I can offer to you instead of the WW+BW pinups. As you know (if not, read the details on facebook.com/judittondoraart), due to the legal regulations, I'm not allowed to give away Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman pinups. This was a very last minute decision indeed but I hope you'll like these drawings too. Thank you for your understanding and support! Happy Holidays!

2016. december 14., szerda


WIP sneak peek from Christmas GIVEAWAY GAME! ūüéĄūüéČūüéĀ If you wanna WIN this Wonder Woman '77 or a Bionic Woman pinup read the details on the www.facebook.com/judittondoraart

2016. december 11., vas√°rnap

Christmas GIVEAWAY game ROCKS! Visit the event wall and see the entries!

Wow! We have amazing entries on the Christmas GIVEAWAY game event wall! Check out the pictures, like, comment and share!
The most liked and commented picture will win a SPECIAL PRESENT!
Send me a picture where we can see you with your copy of WONDER WOMAN ’77 MEETS THE BIONIC WOMAN #1, yes, even if you bought a digital copy only and you have the chance to win one of the THREE original artworks. Yes, I'll give away 3, H√ĀROM, THREE, TRES, TROIS, DREI und so weiter... pieces of original WONDER WOMAN ’77 and THE BIONIC WOMAN pinup drawings. 

Now go and grab your copy! Shoot a picture and enter the game!
See ya!

Just a little sneak peek of what you can win... 

2016. december 9., péntek

Buy and WIN! Christmas giveaway game!

Hello Everyone!


Buy your copy and show us what you've bought!

Send me a picture (ON FACEBOOK ARTIST PAGE) where you pose with your copy, yes, even if you have a digital copy only and I'll publish your pictures here, on my artist page. 

Then we'll run a GIVEAWAY GAME! Woooooooo! :D :O :D

Those, who send me a photo, will get a chance to win an original artwork from ME! :D 
I'll draw three pieces of 6,5x11,5 inches large Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman related pin- ups and I'll select the competition winners of those artworks by draw (random.org) on 23th of December (East European time Zone)! 

Also who sends the most liked and commented picture will receive a special gift!

This will be my Christmas giveaway game this year.

Last year I drew a Wonder Woman piece, which was the prize of the selected winner. What a coincidence that I've been working on a Wonder Woman project :D I didn't even know about this project back then. Hah!

So gear up folks and show us your love!

See ya!

2016. december 8., cs√ľt√∂rt√∂k

Christmas SALE on the artist page+ ebay!

Christmas SALE on the artist page+ ebay! 

Available items:

AP sketchcards Captain America
Original colored pin- ups: Scarlet Witch
Original inkwash pin- up: Lady Mechanika
Original pencil pin- up. Aspen
Signed pin- up prints: FB page
And other items are available on EBAY



2016. december 7., szerda


Wow! We got some very good reviews here. 

Thank you! 

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8 -13 minutes in

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2016. december 5., h√©tfŇĎ

Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman #1 Review- Outrightgeekery

Erik Koehn's review. We got 4,5/5. Thank you!

Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman is a pitch perfect comic for these properties. While the plot may be fairly basic, the creative team’s ability to understand and present these characters more than makes up for a light plot. This book is also perfectly safe for little girls. So whether you’re an old time fan (like me!) or you want to get something for a young female comic fan that isn’t overly violent or sexual and presents strong female characters, this is for all of us. And in a comic culture where the Big Two seem allergic to not having their “heroes” punch and fight each other every month this is a refreshing and hopeful read.

Read the full review here: 

2016. december 3., szombat

Captain America Upper Deck sketch cards

Sneak peek from the 75th anniversary Captain America project with Upper Deck. 
I drew 50 cards.

See more here:

More info:

Order here:

5 cards per pack, 20 packs per box
Find one insert card per pack, on average
Look for one premium insert card per box, on average, including Trapped Ice, man-made Vibranium shield cards, 1 of 1 Gold parallels, and more!
Look for original art sketch cards, Comic Cut cards, and Coin cards.

2016. november 17., cs√ľt√∂rt√∂k

√Čletben maradn√°nak kamp√°ny

Our latest work was published yesterday. Comic version of Berzsenyi D√°niel's poem, The First Love. 
Script: Anna Terék Artwork: Judit Tondora Colors: Roland Pilcz

You can also see great comics by Lakatos Istv√°n D√°niel Csord√°s and G√°sp√°r Gombos on the website.

More info:

2016. október 28., péntek


'Listing all of Andy Mangels’ credits would take pages. He’s written numerous comics including Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction, ElfQuest: Blood of Ten Chiefs, Justice League Quarterly, and many others. He’s co-written numerous Star Trek novels with Michael A. Martin, directed and written DVD documentaries including an award-winning He-Man set, he’s the writer of Lou Scheimer: Creating The Filmation Generation, is an activist for LGBTQ rights, is the founder of Women of Wonder Day (formerly Wonder Woman Day) which benefits victims of domestic violence, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now’s he’s writing Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman for Dynamite, co-published by DC, bringing together two classic TV series. He recently told Westfield’s Roger Ash about this exciting upcoming project...'

More on:

Order: 1st issue

2016. október 26., szerda

The Two Most Powerful Women From Television

Andy Mangels Talks Wonder Woman ’77 / The Bionic Woman

Dan Wickline's interview

'When you have the merging of two iconic franchises, you can’t just let anyone write the scripts. So when Dynamite Entertainment and DC Entertainment decided to bring together Wonder Woman ’77 and the Bionic Woman, they went with an author with a 30-year history in comics, best-selling books and award-winning DVD production. A writer who has work on Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files, Quantum Leap, Justice League, Nightmare on Elm Street, Iron Man, Roswell, Dragon’s Lair andElfquest. Andy Mangels even worked on the TV inspired comics series Mad-Dog that tied into the Bob television series that featured Bob Newhart as a comic book writer. And I’ll admit I have those issues in my collection.'

Read the full interview here:

2016. október 21., péntek

Wonder Woman '77 meets The Bionic Woman #2 covers on newsarama.com

SKU: C72513025380402011
Rating:Teen +
Cover A:Cat Staggs
UPC: 725130253804 02011
Cover B:Aaron Lopresti
UPC: 725130253804 02021
Writer:Andy Mangels
Art:Judit Tondora
Genre:Superhero, Science Fiction
Publication Date:January 2017
Format:Comic Book
Page Count:32 pages
UPC:725130253804 02011

Bullets & Bracelets & Bionics! The dream team that no one thought was even possible is now reeling after the events of the debut issue! Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) and Jaime Sommers (The Bionic Woman) must join forces to find out who laid waste at the IADC headquarters, without the help of a powerful ally. Meanwhile, the evil cabal CASTRA continues its evil plans, and not one, not two, but three familiar villains are revealed! But while Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman engage in a battle at sea, a jailbreak in Washington, D.C. leads to another shocking returnee…with a very deadly agenda!

Written by best-selling author ANDY MANGELS (Star Trek & Star Wars) and illustrated by JUDIT TONDORA (Grimm Fairy Tales), WONDER WOMAN ’77 MEETS THE BIONIC WOMAN is already garnering tremendous media publicity… and they’re just getting started!


2016. október 8., szombat

Andy Mangels Talks Bringing Wonder Woman And Bionic Woman Together

'Following up on the critically-acclaimed Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet, Dynamite Entertainmentin December again pairs two icons in an all-new series set in the TV heyday of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and Lindsay Wagner’s The Bionic Woman, written by Andy Mangels (Star Wars, Star Trek, The X-Files) and illustrated by up-and-coming artist Judit Tondora.'

Read the full article here: 

2016. szeptember 28., szerda

The Diamond Previews catalog

The Diamond Previews catalog is out tomorrow, with the solicits for WONDER WOMAN '77 MEETS THE BIONIC WOMAN #1 (due Dec 1st) by Andy Mangels and artist Judit Tondora. The catalog also presents the first public interview about the series. Thanks to J Howard Boyd of Zanadu Comics for the scans! Click to see bigger, without the sides cut off!

2016. szeptember 2., péntek

Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman project starts

Hey All!

Here is the official announcement of the new project what I'm working on: 
Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman.

Writer: Mr. Andy Mangels
Artist: me Judit Tondora
Cover artists: Alex Ross and
Cat Staggs
(and I also did a cover :) )
Publisher: DC Comics with Dynamite Entertainment
Estimated publishing date: Dec. 7. 2016.

Here you can see the three of the covers and if you follow the links, you can read many more about this wonderful project! :) Hugs and kisses! 
Back to work!
See ya later!


Cat Staggs

 Alex Ross

Judit Tondora