2011. j√ļnius 15., szerda

Tales from Neverland reviews again :)

'I was initially very impressed when I looked through it (the book) ...'

Full review is here: Comicbuzz

'A sign of any great comic series, to me at least, is that it has the ability to appeal to a wide audience and Grimm’s does just that.'

And the other: Dynamic Forces

2011. j√ļnius 12., vas√°rnap

Newest Tales from Neverland review

'The art was the combined works of Judit Tondora (1-7 and 19-25 pages) and Antonio Bifulco (8-18 and 26-28 pages). This was the most disappointing part of the issue. The issue opened with some great artwork: it was well put together with a nice touch of colors from Roland Pilcz and Miguel Garrido that gave the imagery a nice abstract look...'

Full article is here: playeraffinity.com

And as I can see there was misunderstanding ... again :D (Read the comments XDDD).

2011. j√ļnius 9., cs√ľt√∂rt√∂k

...and a new Tales from Neverland review

'This first issue focuses on some of [Tinker] Belle’s backstory and how she first came into contact with Pan. This is a rather melancholy story about manipulation and deceit that proves that despite her explosive temperament, Belle is actually one of the tamer fairies. This feature has art from Judit Tohondra (who??? because this is not MY NAME! :DDD. Okay, let me help you: TONDORA. Get it now? :DDD), who supplies gorgeous forms and some really nicely angles panels which convey some of the terrors Belle experiences at the side of the pond. This tale of fairies vs. mermaids seems to be only beginning.'

Full article is here:Review

2011. j√ļnius 7., kedd

Preview and review of the Tales from Neverland

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

here is a preview of the Tales from Neverland #1 and a not really nice review of this issue.

The book got a 3 out of 10 but Roli and I got this: '...A perfect complement to the insipid scripting is the artwork, provided by two artists so wildly different in style that their partnership on this book is somewhat senseless. Judit Tondora’s painted artwork is passable if a bit immature, reminiscent of early ‘90’s Magic: The Gathering artwork.' And... I think as an artist I'm pretty pleased. :) Full article is here: Review