2016. szeptember 28., szerda

The Diamond Previews catalog

The Diamond Previews catalog is out tomorrow, with the solicits for WONDER WOMAN '77 MEETS THE BIONIC WOMAN #1 (due Dec 1st) by Andy Mangels and artist Judit Tondora. The catalog also presents the first public interview about the series. Thanks to J Howard Boyd of Zanadu Comics for the scans! Click to see bigger, without the sides cut off!

2016. szeptember 2., péntek

Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman project starts

Hey All!

Here is the official announcement of the new project what I'm working on: 
Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman.

Writer: Mr. Andy Mangels
Artist: me Judit Tondora
Cover artists: Alex Ross and
Cat Staggs
(and I also did a cover :) )
Publisher: DC Comics with Dynamite Entertainment
Estimated publishing date: Dec. 7. 2016.

Here you can see the three of the covers and if you follow the links, you can read many more about this wonderful project! :) Hugs and kisses! 
Back to work!
See ya later!


Cat Staggs

 Alex Ross

Judit Tondora