2016. október 26., szerda

The Two Most Powerful Women From Television

Andy Mangels Talks Wonder Woman ’77 / The Bionic Woman

Dan Wickline's interview

'When you have the merging of two iconic franchises, you can’t just let anyone write the scripts. So when Dynamite Entertainment and DC Entertainment decided to bring together Wonder Woman ’77 and the Bionic Woman, they went with an author with a 30-year history in comics, best-selling books and award-winning DVD production. A writer who has work on Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files, Quantum Leap, Justice League, Nightmare on Elm Street, Iron Man, Roswell, Dragon’s Lair andElfquest. Andy Mangels even worked on the TV inspired comics series Mad-Dog that tied into the Bob television series that featured Bob Newhart as a comic book writer. And I’ll admit I have those issues in my collection.'

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