2012. május 6., vasárnap

Bettie Page Trading Card Set 2

I joined the Versicolor Productions to create the second series of the Bettie Page Trading Cards Set. The card set will be releasing at the end of this year.

I'm doing 100 cards + the artist proof artworks (11x17 inches). There will be a great chance to get a hand drawn sketchcard from me cuz I'm doing a lot of these :D

You can find more infos about the cards and the set here: https://www.versicolorproductions.com/bettie-page/
Each set contains an original hand-drawn sketch card, puzzle sketch card set, or double-sided sketch card.  Also randomly inserted will be special chase cards, artist autograph cards and redemption cards for memorabilia like Bettie Page portfolios signed by artist Jim Silke, T-shirts, statues and an item signed by Bettie Page herself!

The Box 2 base cards will contain All-New artists not found in the first base set.  The sketch cards will be by returning greats from the original set and new fantastic artists never seen in card sets before.
For every set of Bettie Page box 2 that is sold, Versicolor Productions will donate a percentage of its sales toward the planting of 1,000 trees. All cards are printed in the USA. Price 35 USD/box.


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