2012. szeptember 16., vasárnap

Volition (old title was Man Of God)

Soooo. Here are the newest pages of the Volition graphic novel's submission stuff. Yes, yes. You may ask 'WTF is the Volition'?
Well dudez, it was the Man Of God actually (but there is an other Man Of God comic... funny... :DD) so  George (Terran the writer of the book) decided to use the 'Voliton' title because this word is much more expressive and describes the book perfectly. I must agree :) It's far better.

Hope you'll like the stuff. I guess you'll wonder that this style is not what I usually use. Well... yep. This is something new (okay, this is not true because I learned this realistic style in the art school so actually this is my basic style). But I like it :) Hope you feel the same :D


Pages 01-02.

Pages 03-04.

Page 05.

Page 13.

Hi-res pages are here: http://judittondora.deviantart.com/gallery/31598840

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