2011. július 20., szerda

Sneak peak from the Man of God project

Hey Folks,

we're working on a new project, the Man of God with a great writer, George Terran and with Roland Pilcz of course. Here you can see the first character sketch of this stuff.

The character is James Huntley: is a 35-year old, 5’10” tall, 13.7 white guy. His jet-black hair is in a scruffy (possibly home-cut) crew cut. He is clearly well toned and strong. He is wearing ripped light blue loose-fit jeans, tan coloured steel-toe capped boots, a causal tweed sports jacket and a plain white shirt.

Model: Jason Aaron Baca, many thanks to him.

And here is the Facebook page of this project: FB

Don't be shy to join us! :)

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