2011. március 4., péntek

Neelakshi campaign and the first sneak peak

Hey guys,

the Neelakshi has a Kickstarter and an IndieGoGo campaign because we'd like to collect some money to support the costs of the publishing. Apart from the fact that a publisher took an interest in our work we need this money because to print a comic is very expensive.

You can support and read more about the project and check out the cover and the first 5 pages here:
Any contribution at the Kickstarter can be claimed for tax exemption as this is charity.

and here



Writers: Ashok Rajagopalan and Asvin Srivatsangam
(their previous project was the Dynast)
Artwork: Judit Tondora
Colors: Roland Pilcz

Thank you very much for your support! Questions and comments about this project are welcome of course.

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