2013. január 25., péntek

Price range 2013

Here's my new price list for pin- ups, covers, pages, Style A (mainstream) and Style B (realistic) artworks:

Download PDF

E-mail: tondoraj(at)gmail(dot)com
Skype: tondora(dot)judit

2013. janu√°r 21., h√©tfŇĎ

Volition: update

Here are the newest character sketches from the Volition.


Writer: George Terran

Artwork: Judit Tondora

Facebook group of the book: Fried Brain Productions

2013. janu√°r 14., h√©tfŇĎ

COPIC Markers

Tadamm, my newest COPIC Marker Set. Pretty nice, isn't it? Coloring tutorial is coming soon!

2013. janu√°r 9., szerda